Masters of Evil
Masters of Evil NAHT
Members Baron Zemo
Doctor Doom
Masters of Evil are from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

The Masters of Evil are a team of villains who banded together to fight the hero team Avengers.

The team is comprised of Baron Zemo, Loki who is the step-brother of Thor, Immortus who is the future self of Kang, and Doctor Doom. Though the exact inner-workings of the team is unknown, it would appear that Baron Zemo lead the team.

Despite the team's efforts they were defeated by the Avengers. Eventually the hero team went their separate ways and began families. However, the robot Ultron came and killed most of the team except for Iron Man and Vision. They took the children of the Avengers to a hidden location. When they were young they asked Tony to tell stories about their parents. One of the stories involved the Avengers fighting the Masters of Evil.

It is unknown if the members of the Masters of Evil also fought Ultron or if they too went into hiding.


The exact make-up of the team is somewhat difficult to determine. Baron Zemo is clearly shown. Loki is identifiable because of his horns. One appears to be Immortus because of his hat. The other is shown to wear a hood and is most likely Doctor Doom.

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