May Parker
May Parker USM
Real Name May Reilly
Alternate Identity May Parker
Aunt May
Family and Friends Ben Parker (Husband)
Peter Parker (Nephew)
Richard Parker (Brother-in-Law)
Mary Parker (Sister-in-Law)
Phil Coulson

May Parker is the widow of Ben Parker and aunt to the orphan Peter Parker.


May Reilly fell in love and eventually married Ben Parker.

After the death of his brother and his wife, Richard and Mary Parker, May and Ben took in their son Peter.

Peter grew up as a geek and outcast. One day he became more confident and stronger while no longer needing glasses. He began disappearing without word.

One night, a burglar entered their home and killed Ben. Peter came by later and learned of his uncle's murder, but disappeared soon after. Spider-Man tracked the killer down and captured him.

She takes yoga lessons and once dating Peter's principle Phil Coulson.


May Parker was voiced by Misty Lee.

This version is based off the Ultimate May Parker version and is younger and less frail than most other versions based on the original universe.

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