Medusa (Spider-Man 1981)
Alternate Identity Medusa
Powers and Abilities Hair Manipulation
Allies Spider-Man
Medusa is from the Marvel Productions Universe.

Medusa is a superhero.


Physical Therapy
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Medusa came to New York City after being invited by her old partner in crime, the Wizard. The Wizard put a special mind-control collar on her neck, making her completely loyal to him.

After Spider-Man caught her after she and the Wizard used his anti-gravity gun to steal cylinders of Niobium. She attacked Spider-Man and ran away. When Spider-Man caught up with her, he tried to help her. They both end up getting framed for stealing an electric component from a military base that the Wizard actually stole.

When Spider-Man confronted Wizard, Medusa was forced to fight him and she got webbed up. After Spider-Man defeated Wizard and took his anti-gravity technology, he took off Medusa's mind-contol collar, restoring her.

When Medusa was about to leave for the Great Refuge, she shared a kiss with Spider-Man.

Later, Aunt May saw Peter moaning and asks if he was in love. Peter replied "Love, maybe so." as he watches a piece of Medusa's hair twirl affectionately around his thumb.

Mona Osborn later dressed up as Medusa for a costume party.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Medusa has the power to stretch her hair to great lengths.


Medusa was voiced by B. J. Ward.

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