Vibranium Mine UA2
Real Name Meteorite
Alternate Identity Heart of Wakanda
Allies Wakanda
Family and Friends Earth
Meteorite is from the Non MAU video Ultimate Avengers II.

A meteorite is a natural object that survives crashing onto Earth from outer space.

Wakandan MeteoriteEdit

A particularly large sized meteorite crashed into Africa long ago. It was made of the extremely rare substance known as vibranium, which once forged required great power to destroy.

The Chitauri tracked the meteorite and discovered its location. They wanted the vibranium for use in their ships, walkers, fliers, and soldiers.

Afterwards, humans settled over the meteorite crash site and formed the nation of Wakanda. Wakandans used the meteorite to form weapons, making them virtually unbeatable by surrounding nations, and they became isolationists. The Wakandans called it the Heart of Wakanda. They managed to discover a section that was as large as a mountain, though they realized it was even bigger than that.

The Chitauri went to Wakanda during World War II led by Herr Kleiser. Kleiser negotiated with Azzari the Wise, who managed to take down one of their ships defeating them.

Kleiser returned sixty years later and killed the king T'Chaka, who was the guardian Black Panther. His son T'Challa took the crown and title of Black Panther and got the aid of the Avengers, who had previously defeated the Chitauri.

Kleiser and the Chitauri Command Ship lay siege to the planet focusing on Wakanda. The Avengers arrived and fought off the aliens destroying the command ship and killing Kleiser.

Presumably, the meteorite continued to be mined.

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