Miss Allure
Miss Allure
Real Name Allure
Powers and Abilities Mind control
Allies Absorbing Man

Miss Allure had the power to make any man do whatever she wanted.


Physical Therapy
Boy, is that all you got?
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Her enforcer, the Absorbing Man, was completely devoted to Miss Allure but she showed no interest in return.

Allure attempted to get Bruce Banner to fix the headaches her powers were causing her so she could run the town, but Mr. Fixit and She-Hulk had other plans. Eventually, when Banner snapped out of the trance Allure had on him, he simply removed her powers. She then accepted the love of the Absorbing Man.


Allure was voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Miss Allure is original to the series. In the comics, Absorbing Man did marry a woman named Mary MacPherran, also known as Titania, who is the archenemy to She-Hulk.

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