Real Name Stormbreaker
Powers and Abilities Provides flight, Control of electricity
Allies Beta Ray Bill
Mjolnir is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
Physical Therapy
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Mjolnir is the hammer used by the hero Thor.


Mjolnir has nearly identical powers to that Stormbreaker, used by the Asgardian hero Beta Ray Bill. It is able to summon powerful storms and generate a great amount of electricity. It can manipulate the electricity do perform a variety of functions.

Additionally, Thor can use Mjolnir as a melee weapon. It seems impervious to damage, or at least highly resistant, from other weapons.

Like Stormbreaker, Thor can throw Mjolnir and command it to return to him on its own.


Stormbreaker is never specifically called that in Planet Hulk. It is simply the hammer that Thor wields, though it is unmistakably the same hammer.

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