Real Name Mojo
Powers and Abilities Robotic Exoskeleton
Allies Spiral

Mojo is a television executive from an alternate dimension called Mojoverse.


Physical Therapy
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The history of Mojo is unknown.

At some point he became the most powerful person in his dimension. He ran a vast empire where he would have people fight to the death for entertainment. Longshot was his biggest star while Spiral was his right-hand woman.

When ratings began falling, he discovered the X-Men of Earth. He kidnapped them and forced the team to fight for him. However, Longshot stopped him as he did not want to be topped. The X-Men returned to Earth.

Things between Mojo and Longshot did not stay good. Eventually, Longshot went to Earth fleeing Mojo. Mojo sent his forces after him but was defeated by the X-Men.


Mojo was voiced by Peter Wildman.

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