Mutant Control Agency
Mutant Control Agency
Real Name Mutant Control Agency
Team Affiliations United States of America
Allies Federal Security Agency
Family and Friends Henry Peter Gyrich
Bolivar Trask

The Mutant Control Agency is a defunct organization used to monitor registered mutants.


The Mutant Control Agency was a private organization funded by Henry Peter Gyrich. It was based in the Federal Security Agency out of Washington, D.C. It's purpose was to monitor registered mutants. However, Gyrich funneled the information into his Sentinel program, which he also funded and was designed by Bolivar Trask.

After saving Jubilee, the X-Men learned that the Sentinels got their information from the MCA. They invaded the headquarters and destroyed all the data. However, Morph was killed and Beast was captured. Mister Sinister then found Morph and took him.

The unnamed president went on television condemning the attack. She later demanded that Gyrich shut down the program. He then restarted the Sentinel program overseas in Genosha.

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