Real Name Robert Hunter
Alternate Identity Nitro
Powers and Abilities Releases Explosive Energy Blasts
Allies X-Men

Nitro is an extremely dangerous mutant who became afraid of his own destructive powers.


Physical Therapy
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The early history of Robert Hunter is unknown.

His powers became dangerous to all those around him. They would constantly build up until they eventually released themselves. The resulting blast would destroy everything in the immediate area.

At some point, he grew to fear his own powers so much that he voluntarily turned himself into the Mutant Response Division. Toad saw him release his explosive energy and told his friends in the Brotherhood of Mutants when they came to visit him.

The Brotherhood kidnapped Nitro and Toad from the MRD facility. They had Psylocke use her psychic powers to help control Nitro. They planned to take him to Genosha where they would hand him to Magneto.

However, the X-Men intercepted their plane and forced a battle. Eventually, Nitro was able to prove to the Brotherhood that he could not be controlled and should return to the MRD. They let him go where the X-Men turned him over.


Nitro was voiced by Liam O'Brien.

First animated version of the character outside the Marvel Comics.

In the ComicsEdit

Nitro's powers are because he was genetically re-engineered by the Kree. In the series he seems to be just another mutant.

He is a professional criminal.

He gave Mar-Vell fatal cancer eventually killing him.

He was defeated by Spider-Man.

He was hired to kill Iron Man. Tony discovered the frequency that triggered Nitro's explosions causing him to explode several times in a row wearing him out to exhaustion.

When confronted by a group of young superheroes filming a reality show, Nitro exploded killing most of them along with about six-hundred other people including an elementary school. The fallout culminated in the Superhero Registration Act. Mister Fantastic and Iron Man lead proponents of the act while Captain America, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage lead the opponents with Spider-Man, Thing, and the X-Men caught in the middle. This caused a Civil War and eventually Captain America was killed. Wolverine hunted Nitro down and eventually sliced his arm off before capturing him.

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