Real Name Odin
Alternate Identity Allfather
Team Affiliations Asgardians
Family and Friends Thor (Son)
Loki (Adopted Son)
Sif (Daughter-in-Law)
Torunn (Granddaughter)
Odin is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Odin was the Allfather of Asgard and father to Thor and adopted father to Loki.

Thor eventually became arrogant so Odin sent him to Earth to learn humility. Thor learned what it meant to be a real hero and joined the Avengers. However, Loki became a villain and joined the Masters of Evil.

Eventually, Odin died through means unknown. Thor returned to Asgard where he and his lady Sif had a daughter named Torunn. Wanting to teach her the same leason Odin taught him, Thor sent her to Earth while he ruled Asgard.


Odin has died several times in the comics, but always returns to life.

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