Odin UA2
Real Name Odin
Alternate Identity Allfather
Team Affiliations Asgardian
Family and Friends Thor (Son)
Odin is from the Ultimate Avengers Universe video Ultimate Avengers II.

Odin is the ruler of all of Asgard and Allfather of those who live there. He is also the father of Thor, who joined the human team the Avengers.


His son had a vision of a future where his teammates where all dead. Thor called his father to ask what it meant. However, Odin ordered his son to return home. Thor refused and Odin grew angry. Later, when Thor fought the Chitauri Command Ship Odin once again called out to his son but he again refused.


Odin was voiced by Dwight Schultz.

He was not actually seen, just appeared as a bright light.

Much like Black Panther and Wakanda, Odin had not yet appeared in the Ultimate universe at the time of the video.

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