Operation Prometheus
Tony Rhodey Talk To Younger
Real Name Operation Prometheus

Operation Prometheus was an operation by the United States military to recover the Russian submarine Prometheus. The government believed that the Prometheus contained materials that may have been dangerous to all of mankind.

The ship was tracked off the coast of Norway and believed to have drifted to the coast of Scotland. A year later Admiral Harold Younger assigned Tony Stark and James Rhodes to finding the sub.

Iron Man found the submarine but Mandarin and MODOK were watching and he was attacked by Blacklash, Dreadknight, Whirlwind, and Grey Gargoyle. Luckily Rhodes and Force Works were watching and Century transported them to the sub to help Iron Man. However, Mandarin sent Fin Fang Foom and the heroes were defeated.

After the battle the zombie crew woke up, left the sub, and attacked the Hammer Channel Tunnel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Force Works defeated the zombies and Century turned them back to normal.

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