OsCorp Industries
Real Name OsCorp Industries
Allies Norman Osborn (President)
OsCorp Industries is from the Marvel Universe series Ultimate Spider-Man.

OsCorp Industries is a chemical and robotics manufacturer based out of New York City. It is run by Norman Osborn.


The history of OsCorp is unknown. It was either started by Norman Osborn or inherited by him.

While the face of OsCorp is a fully legal company, secretly it serves Norman's nefarious plots.

He once hired Otto Octavius to capture the superhero Spider-Man so he could use his DNA to create super soldiers. Octavius hired the Frightful Four to capture the hero, but they were defeated. Octavius tried again with a robot designed to acquire a sample of Spider-Man's DNA. It succeeded and OsCorp used it to create a symbiote. However, the symbiote escaped and possessed Norman's son Harry. Spider-Man managed to get the symbiote off the boy.

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