OsCorp Industries
Real Name OsCorp Industries
Family and Friends Norman Osborn (Former President)
Donald Menken
Otto Octavius (Former Employee)
Chameleon (Former "Employee")
OsCorp Industries is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

OsCorp Industries is a chemical and robotics manufacturing company based out of New York City. It was run by Norman Osborn before he disappeared.


The history of the company is unknown. Norman Osborn became president, either from founding the company or inheriting it from his family.

At some point, OsCorp began experimenting with giving people superpowers. They created Sandman and Rhino though an accident created Doctor Octopus.

In secret, Norman created a formula to give a person powers called Globulin Green that he intended to manufacture. He only told his assistant Donald Menken and his family about the serum. At some point, Osborn took the formula in gaseous form becoming superpowered and insane. He decided to take over the city's criminal underworld as the new crime boss and to destroy Spider-Man. Norman donned a costume and took the name Green Goblin. He used various technologies that he developed for OsCorp in his crimes. Unknown to him, Norman's son Harry stole several samples. He drank them as liquid and while they also gave him powers they caused him to blackout.

Chameleon infiltrated the company headquarters disguised as Norman, at the same time the real Norman stole from the company as Green Goblin. Norman then used Chameleon to impersonate himself while he committed crimes as Green Goblin so that suspicion would be moved away from him.

Eventually Spider-Man fought with Green Goblin and discovered that he was Norman Osborn. The hero defeated the president and Norman apparently died. However, he survived and flew away under disguise.

OsCorp's fate following Norman's disappearance is unknown. Though it is likely it continued on under new leadership, whoever that may have been.


In the ComicsEdit

It is stated that Norman is in fact the founder as well as Chief Executive Officer.

Norman created the Goblin Formula with his business partner. His exposure to the gas was an accident, closer to the Spider-Man episode "Enter the Green Goblin".

Arthur Stacy, brother to George Stacy and uncle to Gwen, is Chief of Security.

Max Dillon was an electrical engineer there before becoming Electro.

Norman was not alone in creating the formula that turned him into Green Goblin.

Harry took over following each apparent death of his father.

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