Pepper Potts
Real Name Pepper Potts
Family and Friends Tony Stark
Pepper Potts is from the Marvel Anime Universe series Marvel Anime: Iron Man.

Pepper Potts is Tony Stark's personal assistant and co-CEO of Stark International.


When Tony was on his trip to Japan, Pepper told Tony to be careful on his trip. Tony said that he was always careful.

After Tony Stark came back from Japan, Pepper was there greeting him in the airport and gave back control of the company to Tony to return to her life as Tony's assistant.


Pepper Potts was voiced by Hiroe Oka in Japanese and Cindy Robinson in English.

In the ComicsEdit

Her real name is Virginia Potts. The nickname Pepper comes from her freckles and red hair.

Became another armored superhero named Rescue. She was injured by shrapnel, like Tony was, and given a similar chest implant.

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