Shadowcat uses her powers to phase her friends away from sight
Real Name Phase
Powers and Abilities Move matter through other matter
Allies Shadowcat
Family and Friends Teleport
Phase is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

To phase is to move one solid object through another. The ability is most often associated with the mutant Shadowcat.


Physical Therapy
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Kitty Pryde first noticed her ability to phase when she woke up in her basement. She later discovered that she was a mutant. She joined the X-Men. While there they used her ability to bypass locked doors and save people from danger.

She learned that she could phase through electronics causing them to short out. She can phase other people and objects with her. However, objects of sufficient size and mass prove difficult for her to phase for too long.

Rogue could also phase when she absorbed Kitty's powers.


In the ComicsEdit

It is established that Kitty is always is phase mode and actually makes a conscious effort to be solid.