Real Name Pip
Team Affiliations Troll
Allies Silver Surfer
Family and Friends Kili (Girlfriend)

Pip is a troll and ally to Silver Surfer and Drax.


At some point, Pip and his girlfriend Kili were kidnapped by the Kree and taken to a slave labor camp. There they met Silver Surfer who freed them from their oppressors. Pip left Kili to join Silver Surfer on his adventures.

They met up with Mentor, Drax, and Nebula's crew searching for the Universal Library. However, Mentor and the crew were turned into Virals. Silver Surfer, Pip, and Drax fled. Pip then decided to join Drax.

The two were destroyed by Thanos along with the rest of the universe.


Pip was voiced by Robert Bockstael.

First version outside the comics and only one to speak.

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