Pumpkin Bomb
Pumpkin Bomb SSM
Real Name Pumpkin Bomb
Powers and Abilities Gas, Concussion, Fragmentation
Team Affiliations OsCorp Industries
Allies Green Goblin
Family and Friends Goblin Glider
Razor Bats

A Pumpkin Bomb is a grenade-like weapon used by the Green Goblin


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A single pumpkin bomb can do three things at once.

  • Gas: Releases a cloud of green gas that can knock a person out or be used to block sight.
  • Concussion: To cause damage by shock alone.
  • Fragmentation: Sends out small pieces of shrapnel to destroy a certain radius around the device.

Additionally, there are some that can be shot into the air and appear to be like fireworks. They explode in a Jack-o'-Lantern design.

They are stored in the Goblin Glider. Green Goblin presses down with his foot and they shoot up into his hand.

They are a small ball. Green Goblin activates a button on top and they begin to glow indicating they are armed.

They emit a high pitched "scream" whenever they explode.


The pumpkin bomb was developed by Norman Osborn of OsCorp Industries for his career as Green Goblin.

As with the rest of Green Goblin's motif, it follows a Halloween theme. The bombs themselves resemble Jack-o'-Lanterns.


It was Victor Cook's idea to have the pumpkin bombs "scream."

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