Quinjet NAHT
Real Name Quinjet
Alternate Identity Command Center
Powers and Abilities Flight, Controls Arctic Hideout
Team Affiliations Avengers
Quinjet is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

The Quinjet was the aircraft used by the Avengers.


It was kept in the Avengers Mansion inside New York City. When Ultron attacked and killed the Avengers, Iron Man took James Rogers, Torunn, Azari, and Henry Pym, Jr. and flew the Quinjet to a hideout in the Arctic Circle. He then used the Quinjet as the command center for the hideout. When Ultron attacked, Tony ordered the kids to the command center. They placed Vision's head on a console and he used the code "Quinjet" to activate the aircraft and lift off. He was going to take it to the Savage Land but deactivated. The kids decided to go to Ultra City to save Tony. Torunn used the jet as a decoy. The cannons along the coast fired and destroyed the Quinjet while Torunn flew the children in herself.

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