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Red Skull
Red Skull
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Red Skull
Team Affiliations Nazi
Allies Andre Cocteau
Family and Friends Chameleon (Son)
Electro (Son)

The Red Skull was a high member of the Nazi regime during World War II and constant threat to Captain America.


Physical Therapy
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Red Skull was obsessed with creating and controlling a Doomsday Weapon he built.

Cap Throws Skull

Red Skull vs. Captain America

After learning that one of their scientists had been kidnapped, the Allies sent Wolverine and Captain America to rescue him. After realizing that they had been set up and the Scientist was there willingly, they were captured by The Red Skull. After escaping, they came face to face with The Skull and defeated his Sleeper robot before The Skull escaped on his plan.

After numerous battles with Captain America and the Six American Warriors, he and Captain America became trapped in a vortex.

50 years later, The Skull’s son, Rhienholdt Kragov freed him from the vortex and they found The Doomsday weapon and used it on Rhienholdt, and he became Electro. After Electro betrayed The Skull tricked Spider-Man and Captain America into fixing the vortex in order to capture Electro. After a battle, both Cap and The Skull were trapped in the vortex again.


Red Skull’s Family

He is later freed by the Beyonder to be apart of the Secret wars. He recruited Alistar Smythe and Doctor Octopus to help him in his bid to conquer Battleworld. He was returned to earth by Doctor Doom with no memory of the events when Doom stole the Beyonder’s powers.


Red Skull was voiced by Cedric Smith on X-Men and Earl Boen on Spider-Man.

Though unnamed, this version is based on the Johann Shmidt Red Skull. The Albert Malik Red Skull caused the deaths of Richard and Mary Parker, Spider-Man's parents.

In the Comics

Is unrelated to Electro and Chameleon, though has a daughter.

Captain America became suspended for decades in ice while Red Skull was suspended thanks to experimental gas.

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