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Red Skull
Red Skull (SHSS)
Alternate Identity Red Skull
Red Skull is from the Non MAU series The Super Hero Squad Show.

Red Skull is a supervillain.


When he was young, his face was pink and he was made fun of by Arnin Zola. He then painted his face red and took on the name Red Skull.

He tried to freeze Captain America and Nick Fury but was frozen himself. He was placed in the Villainville Wiener Hut where he was eventually found by Doctor Doom.

Red Skull enacted Plan UberSkullbot along with Mole Man after getting a fractal of the Infinity Sword. He teamed up with Doom to fight Fury and the Super Hero Squad. He tried to use a freeze gun to defeat Captain America but was frozen himself.

Captain America used Red Skull's body to keep the food cold at his birthday party.

When Thanos used the Time Infinity Gem on the Squadies, Scarlet Witch was sent back to World War II. She teamed up with Captain America of that time and the Invaders to stop Red Skull's plot to launch a rocket onto the Allies. She then returned to her present.


Red Skull was voiced by Mark Hamill.

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