Repulsor Beam
Iron Man Blasts Spider-Man SBD
Real Name Repulsor Beam
Powers and Abilities Energy Projection
Allies Iron Man
Repulsor Beam is from the Funko Universe video Spellbound.

A repulsor beam is an energy attack used by Iron Man via his armor.


The repulsor beam is a powerful energy blast generated by the armor's internal power source. He is able to fire it from ports in either hand. It is used primarily for offensive purposes.

Iron Man's flight capabilities seem to use similar repulsor beams, though it is unknown if he can also fire those offensively.


Iron Man Spider-Man Face Loki SBD

While flying through the city, Iron Man spotted the villain Loki on a rooftop. He flew there joining Spider-Man.

At one point during the battle, Spider-Man came under Loki's mind control through the scepter and fought Iron Man. Iron Man fired his repulsors at Spider-Man but did not hit him. Likely, he was not trying to actually hurt his controlled ally and Spider-Man's defensive capabilities combined making him miss entirely.


The repulsor beams were not named.