Real Name Rhinoceros
Aleksei Sytsevich
Alex O'Hirn
Alternate Identity Rhino
Other Info
Animated Universe Appearances
"The Alien Costume, Part One"
"The Alien Costume, Part Two"
"The Alien Costume, Part Three"
"The Insidious Six"
"Battle of the Insidious Six"
"Six Forgotten Warriors"
"Unclaimed Legacy"
"Secrets of the Six"
"The Six Fight Again"
Animation Universe Appearances
Ultimate Spider-Man
"The Rhino"
"The Sinister Six"
"Return of the Sinister Six"
"Rampaging Rhino"
"Attack of the Synthezoids"
"The Revenge of Arnim Zola"
"Contest of Champions, Part Four"
"Double Agent Venom"
"The New Sinister Six, Part One"
Non MAU Appearances
"Horn of the Rhino"
"The Golden Rhino"
The Spectacular Spider-Man
"Survival of the Fittest"
"Market Forces"
"The Invisible Hand"
"Group Therapy"
"Opening Night"
Voice Actor(s)
Ed McNamera
Don Stark
Clancy Brown
Max Mittelman
Daryl Sabara

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