Richard Parker
Richard Mary Baby Peter SSM
Real Name Richard Parker
Family and Friends Mary Parker (Wife)
Peter Parker (Son)
Ben Parker (Brother)
May Parker (Sister-in-Law)

Richard Parker was the husband to his wife Mary and father to Peter. He had a brother named Ben and sister-in-law May.


Little is known about the life of Richard.

At some point he fell in love and married Mary. They had a son they named Peter. Unfortunately, they both died and Peter went to live with his brother and sister-in-law in Queens, New York.

The three kept a picture of Richard and Mary holding the infant Peter in their house.


Richard and Mary was only seen in a photograph.

In the ComicsEdit

Richard was a US Army Special Forces soldier. He was recruited by Fury into the CIA. He met Mary on the job.

Harry Osborn had Chameleon create Life Model Decoys of Richard and Mary to attack Peter.

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