Fancy Dan (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Fancy Dan
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Agility
Martial Arts
Ricochet Armor
Team Affiliations Enforcers
Allies Tombstone
Sinister Six
Ricochet is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The man known as Fancy Dan is a member of the Enforcers. He later acquired technology to become Ricochet.


Dan joined the Enforcers and used his acrobatic abilities to commit crimes.

They were hired by Big Man to eliminate the superhero Spider-Man, but the hero stopped them leaving them for the police.

They were sent to Ryker's Island. One day, they were freed by Sandman and escaped with several other villains but Montana, going by the name Shocker, left them to join the Sinister Six.

Ricochet (The Spectacular Spider-Man)

Fancy Dan as Ricochet

Tinkerer gave him armor to greatly increase his athletic abilities. Now calling himself Ricochet he joined the Enforcers in attacking Spider-Man but were defeated after Hammerhead betrayed them.

They were later sent to the Vault. Spider-Man entered one day to test out the security, but something happened and all the inmates were let out. Dan and the others tried to defeat Spider-Man, but he was assisted by Black Cat and recaptured.


Ricochet was voiced by Phil LaMarr.

First version of both Fancy Dan and Ricochet outside the comics.

The producers combined the characters of Fancy Dan and Ricochet, similar to Montana and Shocker.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is Daniel Brito.

He is actually caucasian.

Fancy Dan and Ricochet are separate characters. Ricochet was actually an identity Mary Jane Watson helped Peter Parker come up with after Spider-Man was wanted for murder, along with three others. It was later adopted by a mutant named Johnny Gallo.

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