Royal Palace
Real Name Royal Palace
Royal Palace is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
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The Royal Palace is the center of power of all of Sakaar. After Red King won the Spike Wars he entered the palace and ruled the planet. He had a large celebration with the people celebrating him and Caiera. There he ruled, occasionally going to the coliseum to see gladiator games. After Beta Ray Bill freed the slaves, Red King retreated to the palace and ordered Caiera to hunt down and kill the Hulk. After he dropped the Death Fire Bomb on An-Sara Caiera brought the body of Hulk and the Warbound to the palace. However, it was a trap and the Warbound attacked the guards. The Warbound and Caiera defeated the guards while Hulk defeated Red King. Caiera then used a Spike spore to infect Red King so he was killed by his own Death's Head Guards. Later, Hiroim rejoined the Shadow Priesthood while Hulk and Caiera ruled over Sakaar as a couple.