Santa Claus
Real Name Santa Claus
Alternate Identity Saint Nicholas
Team Affiliations Christmas
Allies Reindeer

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, is a legendary figure associated with the holiday of Christmas.

According to legend, on every Christmas Eve Santa travels around the world distributing presents to the good children of the world. He flies around the world thanks to his reindeer. They land on rooftops where Santa enters the home.

Benjamin Grimm was aware of the figure and the legend. When Black Panther infiltrated the Four Freedoms Plaza, Ben reasoned that since it was not Christmas the person was not Santa nor his reindeer.


Santa Claus was not seen, merely briefly mentioned by Thing.

In reality, the physical description of Santa is heavily influenced by images of Norse figure Odin.

In the Marvel ComicsEdit

Santa Claus is a figure with connections to Asgard.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler captured Santa Claus. Captain America and Sergeant Nick Fury rescued him.

The X-Men discovered Santa when Cerebro discovered the most powerful mutant ever registered. The X-Men helped Santa defeat the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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