Real Name Walter Langkowsky
Alternate Identity Sasquatch
Powers and Abilities Incredible Strength and Durability, Covered in Hair
Team Affiliations Alpha Flight
Allies Hulk
Bruce Banner

Walter Langkowsky, now known as Sasquatch, is a Gamma-irradiated member of Alpha Flight, and the only non-mutant member.



Bruce Banner traveled to Canada in hopes of finding Walter Langkowski, a man who he attended college with. Instead he learned that Langkowski had also made a breakthrough in gamma research and foolishly tested it on himself, randomly turning into the Sasquatch.

After attempting to cure both of them, the experiment overheated and Banner broke out, to save a small boy who had previously befriended Hulk.

Sasquatch, angry at his now permanent transformation, attacked Hulk, and injured the boy. Releasing he was now more monster than man, he separated himself from humanity on an iceberg.

At some point he joined or rejoined Alpha Flight and try to retrieve former member Wolverine.


Sasquatch was voiced by Harvey Atkin on X-Men and Clancy Brown on The Incredible Hulk. Langkowski was voiced by Peter Strauss.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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