Savage Land
Savage Land (XMTAS)
Real Name Savage Land
Team Affiliations Antarctica

The Savage Land is a region of Antarctica. It is a jungle surrounded by tundra that contains the last remaining dinosaurs. It is home to Sauron, Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu, the Savage Land Mutates, and Garokk.


The early history of the Savage Land is unknown.

Magneto found it and ruled over it, creating the Savage Land Mutates. However, he eventually left.

Mister Sinister found the area and mutates. He formed several of them into his Nasty Boys. They tricked Professor X and Magneto into coming then stripped them of their mutant powers. The X-Men went to save them and defeated the Nasty Boys.


While in the comics the Savage Land is largely associated with X-Men related stories, this is currently the only animated version to be used with the team.

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