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A list of episodes from the only season of Silver Surfer.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
1 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part One" Larry Brody February 7, 1998 101
2 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part Two" Larry Brody February 14, 1998 102
3 "The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part Three" Larry Brody February 21, 1998 103
4 "The Planet of Dr. Moreau" Larry Brody
Chris Kane
February 28, 1998 105
5 "Learning Curve, Part One" Larry Brody
Andrea Lawrence
March 7, 1998 104
6 "Learning Curve, Part Two" Larry Brody March 14, 1998 106
7 "Innervisions" Larry Brody
Alan Swayze
April 4, 1998 109
8 "Antibody" Larry Brody
Michael Steven Gregory
April 11, 1998 107
9 "Second Foundation" Larry Brody
Michael Steven Gregory
April 25, 1998 111
10 "Radical Justice" Larry Brody
Brooks Wachtel
May 2, 1998 110
11 "The Forever War" Larry Brody
Mark Hoffmeier
May 29, 1998 108
12 "Return to Zenn-La" Larry Brody May 9, 1998 113
13 "The End of Eternity" Larry Brody
Dallas Barnes
May 16, 1998 112


Norrin Radd gives up his life to serve the mighty Galactus so that his planet and his love Shalla-Bal is spared. Radd becomes the Silver Surfer at the loss of his own memories. Thanos and Ego invade the Surfer's mind to learn the secrets of the planet eater but instead unlock his suppressed memories. The Surfer confronts his former master and stops him from destroying Earth, but when he returns to Zenn-La he finds that it is no longer there. The Surfer then spends his life trying to find his home and his love. The Surfer would find friends in Pip the Troll, Kili, and Beta Ray Bill. He would also ally himself with Nova despite her occupation as the newest herald of Galactus. Though nothing may help when Thanos finds a way to destroy the universe.

Proposed Second SeasonEdit

Script # Title Writer(s)
14 "The End of Eternity, Part Two" Larry Brody
15 "Soul Hunter, Part One" Larry Brody
16 "Soul Hunter, Part Two" Larry Brody
17 "Rebirth" Larry Brody
18 "Battlecry" Larry Brody
19 "Down to Earth, Part One" Larry Brody
20 "Down to Earth, Part Two" Larry Brody
21 "Down to Earth, Part Three" Larry Brody


The Silver Surfer recreates the universe and learns the history of Thanos and Lady Chaos. The Surfer returns to Zenn-La but to set foot on it he needs the help of the Virals, so he must save the Universal Library. Unfortunately Shalla Bal sacrifices herself causing the Surfer to become lost once again. In his grief he tries to end the Kree-Skrull War. Terrax would then become the next herald of Galactus. The Surfer and the newly unemployed Nova would return to Earth only to confront the newly formed Fantastic Four and later stop Terrax and Galactus from destroying the planet.

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