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Spencer Smythe
Spencer Smythe
Real Name Spencer Smythe
Powers and Abilities Expert in Robotics
Team Affiliations Oscorp Industries
Allies Norman Osborn
Family and Friends Alistair Smythe (Son)

Spencer Smythe is a brilliant scientist in the field of robotics. He is the father of Alistair Smythe.


Spencer was the man who originally designed the Spider Slayers. He designed them for Norman Osborne who was working for The Kingpin. Hoping that once Spider-Man has been captured, Norman would create a new chair in which his paralyzed son, Alistair would be more comfortable with.

After the slayer caught the wrong person, Spider-Man and the first Spider Slayer, the Black Widow fought in Oscorp Industries, which exploded, leading everyone to believe, Spencer, who was trapped inside, had died.

This wasn't the case; the Kingpin had found him in the ruins of Oscorp Industries and had him placed in cryogenic suspension. The Kingpin then met with Alistair and told him that Spider-Man was responsible for his father's demise in order to convince him to work for him. Once Alistair discovered the truth, he began devoting his full attention into reviving his father and vowed to take revenge on the Kingpin.


Spencer was voiced by Edward Mulhare.

This is the second animated version of the character, following his appearance on Spider-Man (1967) where the character was named Henry Smythe. This is the first to use his real name.

This is currently the last version of the character.

He only had one episode of being active. Every other appearance was either a flashback or in cryogenic stasis.

Interestingly, the one slayer he is shown building for the series was not built by him in the comics.

In the Comics

Spencer was hired by J. Jonah Jameson and built several Spider Slayers.

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