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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse French Heroes vs Villains Poster
Release date December 14, 2018 (United States)
December 21, 2018 (China)
Director Bob Persichetti
Peter Ramsey
Rodney Rothman
Writer(s) Phil Lord
Christopher Miller
Producer(s) Phil Lord
Christopher Miller
Amy Pascal
Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach
Christina Steinberg
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Columbia Pictures
Sony Pictures Animation
Marvel Entertainment
Distributor Sony Pictures Releasing
Music By Daniel Pemberton
Previous Video Big Hero 6
Note: this article describes an upcoming release.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an upcoming animated feature from Sony Pictures Entertainment. It will be the second animated theatrical film based on Marvel Comics after Big Hero 6 as well as the feature-film debut of Miles Morales. It will be released December 14th, 2018.

Following the death of Spider-Man, a boy from Brooklyn named Miles Morales takes up the webslinging mantle. However, he gets the surprise of his life when a Spider-Man from an entirely different universe appears and takes him in as his mentor. But things get weirder when more Spider-Men and Spider-Women appear and they must all band together to stop a threat to all their universes.



  • Tombstones usually give the month and day of birth.


  • A post-credits scene for Venom, released two months earlier, is actually a clip from this movie, featuring Miles escaping from Prowler before meeting and knocking out Peter. It is proceeded by the title card "Meanwhile, in another universe..." indicating that the two movies may exist in the same multiverse.


Actor Role
Shameik Moore Miles Morales/Spider-Man
Jake Johnson Peter Parker (Alternate Universe)/Spider-Man
Hailee Steinfeld Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman
Mahershala Ali Aaron Davis/Prowler
Brian Tyree Henry Jefferson Davis
Liev Schreiber Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
Lauren Velez Rio Morales
Lily Tomlin May Parker
Nicolas Cage Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Noir)
Kimiko Glenn Peni Parker/SP//dr
John Mulaney Peter Porker/Spider-Ham
Stan Lee Stan
Chris Pine Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Zoe Kravitz Mary Jane Watson
Kathryn Hahn Doctor Octopus
Lake Bell Vanessa Fisk
Jorma Taccone Green Goblin
Post Malone Brooklyn Bystander
Oscar Isaac Peter Parker/Spider-Man (2099)
Krondon Tombstone
TBA Ganke Lee
Spider-Heroes SMITSV

On April 13th, 2017 The Hollywood Reporter revealed Shameik Moore had been cast as Miles Morales and Liev Schreiber had been cast as the film's villain though did not specify the role.[1] While filming Dope, Moore kept a journal. The first two things he wrote were "I am Miles Morales" and "I Am Spider-Man".[2] Lord and Miller hired Moore after seeing in him that film.

Moore told Entertainment Weekly, "This power is kind of handed to [Miles] when he’s not really looking for more responsibility. That phrase 'with great power comes great responsibility' it means the same thing, but it comes from a different place with this Spider-Man." He also said, "Everybody has a purpose and a reason and a place. I think that’s what [Miles’s] conflict is, finding his place. He's like, 'If there's Peter, then how do I be Spider-Man? Can you teach me? How do I do this?'"[3]

Moore said of accepting the role, "I feel blessed and feel chosen. There's a lot of black people, a lot of latino people. I'm sitting in front of you so you know I took a private jet, two private jets in the last six months. I took two private jets in the last six months. It's been life changing, is what I'm getting at. New experiences; I have a desire to inspire youth and others, to be a positive role-model. I think this is a good way to start. [Johnson's] character definitely holds it down for the OG Spider-Man, don't you think?"[4]

Moore had considered giving Miles a Brooklyn accent. "Personally you know I worked on the show called The Get Down and I was representing the Bronx. A New York accent is a New York accent so I wanted to talk like I was from New York you dig you know I wanted to get into that with Miles but they were like 'Nah, Moore we want everybody to understand this stuff.' So I think it is a little bit more like if you’re from New York you’ll get it. In the trailer so it shows a moment where Miles is flipping off of the building and he’s like going head-first down he’s like 'BROOKLYN!' Those moment's people will get."

On June 6th, 2018, Variety confirmed that Schreiber, whose role was initially kept secret, was playing Wilson Fisk/Kingpin.[5]

On June 21st, 2017 Tracking-Board reported that Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali was cast as Miles' uncle Aaron Davis while Brian Tyree Henry would play Miles' father Jefferson Davis. Ali had previously played villain Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes on the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage.

A middle-aged Peter Parker will be a mentor to Peter.[6] Sony announced at CinemaCon on April 24th that Jake Johnson will play the original Spider-Man.[7]

Johnson said of Peter, "This is Peter Parker at forty. This is Peter with a bad back who doesn't know if he wants to be Spider-Man anymore, and then he meets Miles who needs a mentor and Peter doesn’t really want to be a mentor but he sees something really special in this guy."[8]

In another interview Johnson said, "I was really glad Wonder Woman happened and we had a female superhero. I think all different types of people in power doing showing that to young people is great so I'm really excited we're going to watch this movie I think it is a positive movie. I think for those original kind of OG Peter Parker Spider-Man fans, you’re going to get it. He's here. I really like Peter Parker so for me I really like reading these scenes and getting to go there he is but he's forty now and he’s tired now. But I also really like to act with Moore and see Miles and when we do it in the booth together so in the scenes I get to hear it and be like oh that's a cool new take. And then Gwen comes out and there’s a female Spider-Man. So I'm excited for people to see this movie this movie and a whole new fanbase to check it out in this kind of new way and I think that's really exciting."

Johnson said of recording, "This has been unique. Mostly you'll do for a movie at least that I've been a part, or a TV show, you'll do a few different sessions and they get everything they need or you say a line ten different ways. This we've been in the booth over and over; I think I put over seventy hours in a booth of just doing scenes. Every scene in this movie I feel like I've recorded twenty-five to thirty different times and then it times we get to do it together at times you're alone and then they'll make a slight tweak and you go at it again and you take another swing on it. I know Chris and Phil really likes to work in a way where they’re always opening things up and always wants to test things out and try new things so it has been a lot of collaboration. While they do have a really solid script so we have improvised but we're not adding ourselves into it because they've really built this thing. But once you're in a scene you know, if Moore and I are doing a scene together and it’s going and we're making eye contact and we're no longer reading the lines but we’ve done the scene a lot and we know how it ends, they do like when you're in your present you’re acting so it feels a lot of an organic."

When asked what would surprise audiences about Peter, Johnson replied, "I don't think it's the Spider-Man you’re totally used to, I think it's a more realistic Spider-Man. It's what would Spider-Man would look like if he were real and he wasn't doing his cool Spider-Man things which I think is really fun. I think it's the dirty corners of Spider-Man that rarely get revealed in superhero movies. They pretend to like waking up late make you a regular person. That doesn't make you a regular person. This shows Peter Parker as a real human being who happens to have this ability because he was bit by a spider but he is a real person so I think this movie actually shows that real person getting older and getting older on its own and mortality is real for everybody. He just happens to be Spider-Man."

Moore said of Miles' relationship to Peter that he "just wants a teacher, he doesn't want to be a hero, he doesn't want to be anything but a student. Then he finds this guy, Peter, who doesn't want to help him but Miles needs it."

In a separate interview, Johnson said of the relationship, "Well I'll say with Peter first I think Peter's forgotten why he loves being Spider-Man and that he's forgotten what a gift it is to have all this I think he's at a point where he's forgotten what he lost when he stopped being Spider-Man and seeing a young person first fall in love with the ability to be Spider-Man and how great it is to have this special gift. I think Miles for Peter is the spark plug that thing that remind you of how good you got it." He and Moore both said that their characters were each others' best friends at the end of it with Moore saying, "At first I was going to say like a father figure, but no. Obviously you know people connect and become friends for a whole bunch of different reasons Spider-Man is a great way to become very close."

Additionally at CinemaCon, Sony announced that the film would feature Green Goblin, Kingpin, and Prowler. No actors were announced, though in the Ultimate comics from which Miles comes from his uncle Aaron Davis became Prowler rather than the original version of Hobie Brown.[9]

The day the first full trailer was released, writer/producer Chris Miller announced that Hailee Steinfeld, Luna Lauren Velez, and Lily Tomlin were cast.[10] At the time, only Steinfeld's role was revealed as Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy popularly known as Spider-Gwen.[11]

Steinfeld was excited to be a female superhero with a great relationship to her co-stars.

On July 3rd, 2018, Discussing Film announced that unnamed sources confirmed that Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage was added to the cast as Spider-Man Noir.[12] At the Sony panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Cage was officially confirmed along with Kimiko Glenn as Peni Parker and John Mulaney as Spider-Ham.[13]

In discussing his role, Cage told Entertainment Weekly, "There are multiple Spider-Men in different dimensions that are kind of colliding together. My character's Spider-Man Noir. He's really Peter Parker from the '30s. I tried to channel those noir films with [Humphrey] Bogart, and have those kinds of sounds that he might make with [James] Cagney, or Edward G. Robinson, that kind of way of talking. I tried to give the character that. It was a lot of fun. I think it should be quite funny. The movie definitely has a sense of humor, and that's a good thing because it's good for the whole family."[14]

Stan Lee, who has a cameo is most Marvel works, had his part revealed during the screening of the first thirty minutes at New York Comic Con.[15] This is the second Lee cameo in a Marvel animated feature following Big Hero 6, his second animated cameo of 2018 following Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, and third animated movie total. Lee will play Stan, the same name he used on Ultimate Spider-Man.

This will be Lee's first appearance released after his death on November 12th, 2018, though his physical likeness was used in Walt Disney Animation Studios's Ralph Breaks the Internet. Miller said of Lee's role, "I remember when we talked about it, we said, 'You know, he's so integral to the spirit of this movie that we don't want to just give him a little passing cameo.' We wanted him to be more important and carry some emotional weight to the movie." Lord added, "Essentially we really thought since he was the guy who created the character with Steve Ditko that he should really give him something important like a talisman. So he gives him the spider suit, and says, 'There's no give backs.' And we thought that was really important." Lord also said, "We certainly felt really happy to do it with him, and obviously this last week [with Stan Lee's passing], it made it extra meaningful and moving to watch the movie get finished and just know that he gets to be such a resonant part of it. And we showed some fans the feature maybe two or three days after he passed away, and it was really emotional just watching everyone engage with it and collectively salute him."[16]

On November 29th, Sony released press materials revealing the casting of Chris Pine, Zoe Kravitz, Kathryn Hahn, Lake Bell, Jorma Taccone, Post Malone in an acting part, and Oscar Isaac. The release also revealed the inclusion of a female Doctor Octopus, Vanessa Fisk, and Spider-Man 2099. It also revealed the name of Stan Lee's character.[17]

On December 1st, rapper Marvin Jones III, known professionally as Krondon, revealed that he was voicing Tombstone.[18] Like Tombstone, Krondon is an African-American albino. He has also played African-American Albino Tobias Whale on the series Black Lightning.


According to Christopher Miller, Amy Pascal and Avi Arad approached him and Phil Lord with the idea of doing a Spider-Man animated movie. "And of course, the first thing you think is, well, doing an animated movie with the source material of a comic book, you can really, really get into the artistry in a way that no live action version of a comic book movie ever did, and that was really exciting. But then we also were really excited to tell the story of Miles Morales. So, first we said, 'Uh.' And then we said, 'We'll do it, but only if it's the Miles Morales story.' And luckily, they were super on board."

Rumors about the film were first circulated on December 9th, 2014 following the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. The Wall Street Journal attained some emails taken from the hack. The emails suggested that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, coming off the success of The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street, would direct an animated feature.[19]

On April 22nd, 2015, Sony officially announced the film at CinemaCon.[20]

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

At the time it was reported that this depiction of Spider-Man would not be a part of the The Amazing Spider-Man series, which was later officially ended, or Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was slated for a release on July 20th, 2018. Sony then shuffled several of their release dates pushing this film back to December 21st.[21]

Here is the official press release:[22]

On July 20, 2018, Phil Lord & Christopher Miller the directors of The Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and 21 and 22 Jump Street, are taking Spider-Man back to his graphic roots with the first-of-its-kind animated Spider-Man feature, it was announced today at CinemaCon by Tom Rothman, chairman of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group. The film will exist independently of the projects in the live-action Spider-Man universe, all of which are continuing.

Lord & Miller are masterminding the project, writing the treatment and producing the film.

As previously announced, Spider-Man will next appear in a live-action Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, a live-action film being produced by Kevin Feige at Marvel and Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise launch for the studio 13 years ago. The animated film from Lord & Miller, dated July 20, 2018, has Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Pascal also serving as producers.

On May 27th, 2016, Heroic Hollywood reported from unnamed sources that the film would follow Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe. They also reported that the film would be called either Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man or The Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales. They also reported that the film would be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[23][24] On January 18th, 2017, Sony Pictures Animation president Kristine Belson spoke at a slate presentation officially confirming that Morales would be the star of the film. At the presentation Lord and Miller said of the project, "What inspired us the most is that anyone can wear the mask. You can be any race, creed or color." They also showed a clip of some early development and exploratory art work. It showed the Morales Spider-Man on the streets of New York in a dark mood in the style of a graphic novel.[25]

On June 20th, 2016, Sony announced their plans for their upcoming animated features. They announced that Bob Persichetti would direct the film.[26]

Lord said of the film, "We wanted to make a movie about Miles. The thing that’s excited to us is the idea that anyone can be behind the mask." He continued to say, "It seemed like a really good opportunity to subvert your expectations of what you thought a Spider-Man movie could be."[27]

In deciding to focus on Miles Lord said, "Well, to me, it sort of all circles around to his family. He has a very different family than Peter Parker did. First of all, both of his parents are alive, so that's a huge difference right there. And being able to portray a very grounded family with a mother and father who both want the best for their son, but go about it in different ways. Also an uncle that loves him, but is encouraging him to go down a different path. That whole dynamic is really the center of what the whole movie's about, and it was really important to us to get right. And it really speaks to Miles trying to figure out who he is and who he's gonna be, what kind of a person he's going to become."

At Comic-Con, Miller said of the film, "We wanted to make a totally unique experience that felt like you were walking into a three-dimensional comic book."

Ramsey said of the project, "Comics fans have known Miles for a while, but the world at large doesn't know him. They don't have experience dealing with a new character in this mantle."

Lord and Miller said that they were most intrigued by how to put a new twist on a superhero origin story that's been told so many times in the last fifteen years. Lord said, "Everything good we've ever done has started with a bad idea. And then we slowly figure out a way that seems like it would be surprising. An animated Spider-Man movie, on the surface it felt like, well, do we really need that? But you start to think about the opportunities that it gives you. Because it's like the nineteenth Spider-Man movie, it forces you to make different choices than everybody else."

In an interview, Ramsey said of Miles, ""We see in the movie. He definitely is a character who's torn between different paths to take. When he meets Peter Parker, Spider-Man, who's the only person he knows in the universe that can really understand what he's going through. That kind of becomes the core of how he finds his way to make a choice as to what kind of person he is going to be. So it very much is a story of a young person looking for 'what's the path for me'?"[28]

Rothman added, ""That's very specific to Miles story. He has a family around him, an extended family around him. And a lot of his struggles as a teenager involve his family and reconciling things with his family and that for us is part of the heart of the comic books, so it's part of the heart of the movie."

Persichetti also said, "I think your point of seeming that he has a lot of mentors, or possible mentors in his life is a big part of this. And it's how to deal with many different influences and find his own unique voice and distill all these different messages from many different points of view and take them in and have his own unique point of view. And that's the thing that we're really trying to successfully land. Is that, you can have all these different influences and you're not obligated to follow any of them. But they can all influence your path. So that's really what we are trying pull off." Rothman responded, "Ultimately you have to make the choice. Figure things out for yourself."

In another interview, Persichetti commented on the differences between Miles and Peter. "We're adapting Bendis' story, so in that sense it was a great place to start. Miles is and amazing character, he has a lot of people around him that influence in his life and that was really was sort of the catalyst for the story we were telling. This is the first time we seen the Spider-Man in an origin story where we have both parents and I mean it’s like it's the exact opposite of Peter in a way where we have too many mentors and we made that part of the process that Miles has to go through to become Spider-Man. He has to figure out how to how to take in all these voices and then find his own voice within that."

In discussing the creation of Miles, Persichetti said, "Another thing that I think is pretty interesting is when Miles first came out in comics, 2011, he was kind of the first of this wave of characters of different ethnicities taking on the identities of classic heroes and stuff like that and since then that idea has become pretty normalized. So coming out with the Miles Morales movie now I think part of the task was to say okay it's not just that you're plugging someone of a different background into the costume into the movie It's how do you really flesh out what being a different background is. So there's a lot of details of Miles' life, where he grows up, what his family life is like, what the school is like, what is the neighborhood like. One of the ideas is this is about New York and its different boroughs being like really specific characters. What is Brooklyn like now. What is Queens like now."

When asked about which alternate versions to include Lord said, "We wanted everyone to be canonical. We didn't want to make anything up, because we felt like it would feel like we had a Great Gazoo to the movie or something like Scrappy Doo. We wanted to make sure that they all were originating from the comic, so we just sort of went to Marvel Wiki and having read the books and some of the event crossover books, we thought that these were characters that were as diverse as possible [and] had as many different colors to them.

"Like, Spider-Man Noir is such a special dude because he's so characterologically different than all the other ones and darker. He's got a different personality and point of view. Spider-Man is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. So we really were looking for a Benetton ad of spider people in terms of the personalities and their visualization. So that when you put them together on the screen they didn't feel like it belonged necessarily. And one of the most fun things to watch is this black-and-white character next to this highly saturated cartoon next to an animated character next to Peter and Miles. It's a really neat sight gag to get them all in one frame."

In developing the mentor Peter Parker Miller said, "I think the idea is that this Peter Parker is an amalgam of all the Peter Parkers that you have seen in popular culture. So there's elements of the Homecoming Tom Holland Spider-Man, of an Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, of Spider-Man from various comics and TV shows. And sort of in this universe the Spider-Man that comes to Miles' world is one that looks similar to but is not exactly the same as the ones that you know. And so, that's why all of those plots are similar, but there's a twist to them."

Lord added, "Yeah, the Spider-Man in Miles' universe that he meets early in the movie was meant to be as competent a Spider-Man as possible, and is meant to be living in an alternate universe that we would all consider the mainstream comics universe. So you'll see that like he and M.J. kiss in the rain upside down, but she's upside down, and he's right side up. Just trying to find little ways to say, 'This is a parallel dimension'."

The film took about three years to complete. Peter Ramsey said that was crazy as far as what they were able to accomplish in that time. He said they put a lot of "Blood, sweat and tears and anguish" into making it also adding "But a lot of love and a lot of passion." He also said, "The minute we knew this was the Miles Morales story, we knew we had to introduce a new Spider-Man who has to speak to people in a new way." The intention was for the audience to "go on this journey with him and want to see him succeed, see the story though his eyes, and really let him live as a character."[29]


The animation is computer generated. This is the first Spider-Man film to be animated and second Marvel theatrically released animated film after Big Hero 6.

Phil Lord said of the art style, "Well, we went to the artist who created the books that we grew up with, and then Sara Pichelli, who co-created Miles with Brian Bendis and another couple of artists, like Robbi Rodriguez and [some] other folks who are doing contemporary work that's really special and specific to the characters that are in the movie. So we really tried to make it feel like an artist had touched every frame, and that an artist had interpreted his story so that it never felt like a computer simulation of a drawing, but always the idiosyncrasies of an artist.

"So that's why you see so many different stylistic takes, even in the comic books that appear in the movie. They are a combination of Steve Ditko and John Romita. There's a lot how some of the comics treated Kingpin, and the books that we grew up with in this picture. And then Gwen's stuff looks like her book. And obviously the noir has a specific style all the way to Spider-Ham, which we tried to make as cartoony as we could, so it stood out. And we got our friend Craig Kellman to really do an exaggerated cartoon version of him. So there's so much that it really feels like there's a super team of artists that are collaborating, just the way like the super-genius spiders are collaborating."

He also said, "And thank goodness we've got such a amazing group of people [working on the] animation [and] doing all that stuff, including our friend, Justin Thompson, who is the production designer on the two Cloudy [movies] and the guy we've been working with for a really long time. And one of the cool things is to watch a lot of crew members that have worked with us on other movies change gears and tell a different kind of story, a different visual language. It was really cool."

The animation contains deliberate errors, halftoning, and other stylistic choices to imitate a classic comic book look. It also features speech bubbles at various times. Miller said of the text bubbles, "The idea was: Let's make a movie that feels like you're walking into an immersive comic book." Lord said, "We were just really intrigued with the possibility of making an animated movie in a completely different way with a completely different set of characters that didn't have to abide by the normal rules. A big franchise can either back you into safe choices or it can give you the opportunity to take huge risks. And that risk version was what was intriguing to us."

At the time of the Comic-Con panel, the movie was about fifty-five percent complete. Persichetti said of the animation, "We have a really big animation crew now because the animation is kind of so hard, takes so much time so that the amount of animation each individual animator produces is a lot less than usual now we have like a hundred and forty two animators right now which for one of these movies is a lot."

When asked about the different animation style, Persichetti said, "That was the goal. That was the drive. We're going to make another Spider-Man movie, why? Because it's Miles. Wonderful. We want to do animated but we don't want the animation to feel like animation by Pixar or Disney or DreamWorks, all these places that we've all mostly been a part of. We don't want that so I want something that that honors where Marvel and Spider-Man came from, your comic books, and we looked at that. We're not going to have any rack focus on this movie we're going to do this and it's like this offset printing thing, we're not going to have any kind of motion blur which for CG that's like death. There is not a single motion blur in our movie and that alone is was like 'I'm sorry?' We spent more than a year really banging away trying to create a style of animation that felt looks different and it's still all CG."

The alternate universe characters have varying animation styles. Spider-Ham has a more cartoonish style while SP//dr is closer to anime. This technique was used in the Spider-Verse episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Lord said of the unique animation style, "It's really easy to say 'we want it to look like nothing's ever looked before. It's a lot harder to do it."

Miller added, "It actually feels like you walked into a comic book. And it's easier to say, but to actually actually accomplish it is super, super hard. It took years to figure out a process where we can match CG animation with hand-drawn 2-D animation and all these, like, comic book textures and effects and have it all feel like it was one painting." He also said, "It was four times as hard as making a CG-animated movie. It takes a week for an an animator to make one second of footage on this, whereas normally, it's like four or more seconds in a week. So, it's a really hard process but we feel like it was worth it."[30]


See also Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack.

Daniel Pemberton is providing the musical score for the film.[31] He received credit for the use of his music in Venom.

The soundtrack will be released on December 14th, the same day as the film. The music is compiled by Republic Records.

Rapper Post Malone and Swae Lee recorded a song to be featured on the soundtrack called Sunflower.[32] Malone debuted a ten-second clip on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.[33] The music video was released on October 18th.[34]

Raper Blackway and DJ duo Black Caviar also produced the song What's Up Danger for the film. Blackway said of the song, "Being presented with the opportunity to be a part of this project is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me, and 'What's up Danger' is the product of me being able to work with creative minds like Jared Piccone and Troy Hinson of Black Caviar. The production behind the record is so intense and full of the perfect kind of energy for the film." Black Cavier added, "When the opportunity to write a song for the new Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse film came up, our ten-year-old selves were freaking out. We got connected to Blackway and on day one in the studio, he laid down the [wildest], tense, aggressive lyrics we could've imagined, and the song was born."[35] The song was released on November 1st.

On December 7th, actor and singer Jaden Smith revealed he had a song titled Way Up on the soundtrack.[36]


Sony Pictures Entertainment held a panel at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the film. The panel included Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Christopher Miller, Phil Lord, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman, and Bob Persichetti.

A clip for the film was shown after the credits of the Sony film Venom, released two months earlier. The clip shows Miles dressed as the original Spider-Man running away from Prowler before escaping him on the streets. He visits the grave of Peter Parker apologizing for not living up to his name, and then knocking the visiting Peter unconscious. He realizes this man is wearing Spider-Man's suit and escapes with him fleeing the police. The clip features the voices of Shameik Moore and Jake Johnson as well as Daniel Pemberton getting credit for his music. See Continuity.

The first thirty-five minutes of the film was screened at the 2018 New York Comic Con. Miller, Lord, Moore,, Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lauren Velez attended a panel following the film. Lord said of the film, "Maybe we can use the fact that this story has been told a lot of times to our advantage, so the expectation is how can we make it differently.". Co-director Persichetti said, "This was our chance to lean into a medium that was just made for Spider-Man. How can we take advantage of this medium that has been expressive for so many years and tie it to the original source material, which is a comic book?". He added that they decided to "lean into flash frame and visuals that are reminiscent of drawings but figure out how to do it with a computer, which is its own giant task." Johnson compared the relationship of Peter to Miles as Mr. Miyagi. Henry said of the film's representation, "To see a black boy and his father, you don't really get to see that."



The posters are designed by BLT Communications.

The French poster translates to, according to Google Translate, "The family event of the end of the year."


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be released in the United States on December 14th, 2018. China will see the movie released on December 21st, 2018.

In France, the film is called Spider-Man: New Generation.[37]

The world premiere of the film was held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California on December 1st, 2018.[38]

Critical ReceptionEdit

Rotten Tomatoes' Critical Consensus states, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse matches bold storytelling with striking animation for a purely enjoyable adventure with heart, humor, and plenty of superhero action." The animation was widely praised for its unique style. Critics loved the focus on Miles over Peter as well as inclusion of various other heroes. The humor and interactions between the characters were praised. Several critics did note that while the movie made an attempt to reference and parody typical superhero cliches it still fell into them. Peter's story was criticized and many felt it went on too long.

Peter Debruge of Variety felt that despite the numerous reboots of Spider-Man movies this one put them all into perspective. He said the brilliance of the movie was that it expanded all that came before while also being a reset. He positively compared it to the blockbuster film The Lego Movie, directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. He praised the animation, comparing the style to artist Roy Lichtenstein, calling it fresh and matching the hip-hop score. He noted that while Marvel Studios's earlier 2018 film Black Panther was overly political in its treatment of identity this film treated Miles's non-white background as a non-issue. He felt the movie's true brilliance opened the doors for Sony to introduce an infinite number of spin-offs. He did note that the first fight with Green Goblin left something to be desired. He claimed that while most superhero movies feel over-crowded when featuring too many villains this one essentially requires it. He enjoyed the banter between the various heroes. He felt the screenplay was strongest when providing character detail, though it waned during the battles. He praised the high-speed chase outside Kingpin's estate but felt the rest of the action was clunky and over-stylized. He noted that the humor is savvy about the superhero formulas, but was disappointed when it resorted to using those same cliches. He felt the wit was the movie's most satisfying selling point, but was sometimes too clever for its own good. "But in this universe, where audiences are suffering from the very real phenomenon of superhero overload, ambition and originality are to be encouraged, especially it broadens the mythology to include women, people of color, and yes, even that hammiest of scene-stealers, Peter Porker."[39]

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter felt it helped to be well-versed in Spider-Man lore to fully appreciate the film. He said it was a fresh origin story that both referenced the past and created something new. He did claim that it exhausted itself from the producers' cleverness and a runtime he felt was twenty minutes too long. He felt the freshest and most stimulating aspect was the visual style combining numerous different styles. He claimed this was more up-to-date than any other Spider-Man film and loaded with attitude. He praised the animation saying it showed more power and kill than anything live-action had tried. He said Marvel geeks would appreciate the attention to detail. He felt the multi-verse aspect allowed for audiences to be constantly surprised, variety of visuals, and fun-house craziness. However, he said the downside was sensory overload and that it was pitched more for comic book readers than for regular film audiences. He felt that there was a sense that nothing really mattered because universes could come and go. He also noted that the film reached a climax then kept going for too long. "This is not to deny the pleasures and welcome arrival of this fresh new approach to all things Spidey, the new cast of characters and the adventurous approach to animation that invigorates before staying too long at the party. There will almost certainly be more to be heard from this group of hipster crime fighters, who here have begun to carve out a fertile new neighborhood both in Brooklyn and the Marvel-Verse."[40]

Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B- rating. He noted the film's visual style went for the opposite of the realism that defined previous Spider-Man films, taking inspiration from graffiti street art as well as comic books. He called the style fascinating comparing it to Enter the Void, liking how it changes after Miles gets powers. He felt the focus on Miles rather than Peter was a bit of "franchise throat-clearing" following the classic style Tobey Maguire film, "Xtreme bro" Andrew Garfield films, Tony Stark's sidekick Tom Holland films. He felt Miles is the first truly contemporary Spider-Man. He praised Shameik Moore's performance feeling like every line is improvised. He called the soundtrack fun. He did deride that so much of the film was dedicated to Peter Parker's redemption, calling him a spiritual avatar for the entire Spider-Man franchise. He derided Peter not liking his own iconography saying it was a trend in many recent movies where the hero hates what they have become, such as Wolverine in Logan, Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. He felt this was an attempt at deconstruction but ending up falling for its own criticisms, negatively comparing it to Deadpool. He praised the other heroes, citing Spider-Gwen's role as a great set-up for her own spin-off. He lauded Nicolas Cage's role as Spider-Man Noir claiming his readings belong in a museum. While praising the additional heroes, he did feel it became too much when they showed up. He did not think the film ever decided if it was a straight parody like The Lego Batman Movie or a sincere attempt to make a statement about what Spider-Man means. He claimed the cheery vibe clashed with a narrative full of deaths. He felt Kingpin could have been any bad guy. He did say it was full of small delights and looked unique. He wondered what the future would hold for the series without having to focus on how crucial Peter Parker is. He did feel the movie was missing something, such as the presence of Mary Jane Watson grounding the series with a regular person. "It's not, like, On the Waterfront, but it is the kind of a real-person character arc that feels entirely lost in the current age of big-screen superheroes. In between the cool costumes, Spider-Verse calls up a version of Mary Jane who seems partially lobotomized, a woman keeping the candle burning for her plottishly-important love interest. Scholars will notice some degeneration. In Spider-Man 3, Mary Jane was the audience surrogate looking on with horror as Spider-Man got high on his own iconography, a onetime nerdly sweetheart transformed by popularity and self-righteous rage into a toxically masculine skirtchaser. In Spider-Verse, Mary Jane worships Peter Parker, as everyone is expected to do. At one point, she gives a speech to a crowd cosplaying Spidey outfits, preaching how 'We are all Spider-Man.' I liked it more when we were all Mary Jane."[41]

Box OfficeEdit

Industry insiders placed this film as the first big movie following the Thanksgiving weekend. Estimates place the opening at thirty million dollars for a reasonable start, though it could jump as high as forty million. Noting the demographics of those who watched the trailers, they noted the predicted audience would be mostly males younger and older than twenty-five and females under twenty-five. It was predicted that if the movie doesn't find its audience in its opening weekend it would find one in the post-holiday season. It is hard to predict the film's estimates as 2007's TMNT is the only theatrically released superhero movie that released to twenty-four million, Big Hero 6 being considered more of a Disney than superhero movie. They noted that Sony's earlier Spider-Man movie Venom got thirty-six percent of its foreign gross from China boding well for this film.[42]


Academy AwardsEdit

On October 24th, 2018, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science release a list of film that had been submitted for Best Animated Feature, previous winner being Big Hero 6. Into the Spider-Verse was among the selection.[43]

Annie AwardsEdit

On December 3rd, 2018, the Annie Awards announced their nominations. Into the Spider-Verse had a total of seven nominations, behind the Walt Disney Animation Studios's Ralph Breaks the Internet.[44]

Category Winners and Nominees Result
Best Animated Feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures Animation) TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Character Animation in an Animated Feature Production David Han TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Character Design in an Animated Feature Production Shiyoon Kim TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Directing in an Animated Feature Production Bob Persichetti, Rodney Rothman, and Peter Ramsey TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Feature Production Justin K. Thompson TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated Feature Production Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman TBA
Outstanding Achievement for Editorial in an Animated Feature Production Bob Fisher, Andrew Leviton, and Vivek Sharma TBA

Chicago Film Critics AssociationEdit

On December 7th, 2018, the Chicago Film Critics Association announced their nominations the best in film for 2018. The winners were announced the following day.[45]

Category Winners and Nominees Result
Best Animated Film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Won

Detroit Film Critics SocietyEdit

On November 30th, 2018, the Detroit Film Critics Society announced their nominations the best in film for 2018. On December 3rd, the winners were announced.[46]

Category Winners and Nominees Result
Best Animated Film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Won

Golden GlobesEdit

On December 6th, 2018, the 76th Golden Globe Awards announced their nominations. The awards will be announced on January 6th, 2019.[47][48]

Category Winners and Nominees Result
Best Animated Feature Film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse TBA

New York Film Critics CircleEdit

The New York Film Critics Circle's winners for the 2018 year were announced on November 29th, 2018.[49]

Category Winners and Nominees Result
Best Animated Film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:
Bob Persichetti
Peter Ramsey
Rodney Rothman


On November 27th, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sony already had plans for a sequel and spinoff. Amy Pascal will return to produce. Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Avi Arad, and Christina Steinberg are expected to return though no deals have been made.[50]

Joaquim Dos Santos is currently set to direct the sequel with David Callaham writing. No details regarding the sequel were given other than that this film would plant seeds for one.

Lauren Montgomery is in negotiations to direct the spinoff with Bek Smith writing. The only revealed about the planned spinoff was that it would feature an all-female team.


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