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A list of episodes from the fourth season of Spider-Man. The third season to have an overall story arc, called the Partners in Danger.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
42 "Guilty" John Semper, Jr.
Larry Brody
Meg McLaughlin
February 1, 1997 311
43 "The Cat" John Semper, Jr.
Sean Catherine Derek
February 8, 1997 312
44 "The Black Cat" John Semper, Jr.
Marty Isenberg
Robert N. Skir
Sean Catherine Derek
February 15, 1997 313
45 "The Return of Kraven" Meg McLaughlin February 22, 1997 314
46 "Partners" John Semper, Jr.
Cynthia Harrison
Brooks Wachtel
May 3, 1997 315
47 "The Awakening" John Semper, Jr.
Sean Catherine Derek
May 10, 1997 316
48 "The Vampire Queen" Meg McLaughlin
John Semper, Jr.
May 17, 1997 317
49 "The Return of the Green Goblin" Mark Hoffmeier July 12, 1997 318
50 "The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson" John Semper, Jr.
Virginia Roth
Meg McLaughlin
July 19, 1997 401
51 "The Lizard King" John Semper, Jr.
Gordon Kent
July 26, 1997 402
52 "The Prowler" John Semper, Jr.
Terence Taylor
August 2, 1997 403


It's a dark time for Spider-Man. Mary Jane Watson has supposedly died. Spider-Man has rejected Madame Web. Harry Osborn and Anna Watson want nothing to do with Peter Parker. Joseph "Robbie" Robertson gets framed. It seems like there's no hope for the webslinger until the Black Cat arrives. Although she starts off as a thief she quickly becomes his best ally. But can he bring himself to trust her when the last person he got close to disappeared? And what will he do when not one but two faces from beyond the grave reappear?

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