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This article is written from the Real World perspective Stan Lee
Spider-Man Unlimited (TV Series)
Spider-Man Unlimited
Beginning date October 2, 1999
End date March 31, 2001
Number of Episodes 13
Writers Larry Brody
Robert Gregory Browne
Brynne Chandler
Michael Reaves
Producers Avi Arad
Matthew Edelman
Will Meugniot
Eric S. Rollman
Original Channel Fox Kids
Previous Series Silver Surfer
Next Series The Avengers: United They Stand

Spider-Man Unlimited is the sequel series to Spider-Man and is loosely connected to the Marvel Animated Universe. The series aired thirteen episodes starting October 2nd, 1999 and ending March 31st, 2001.


John Jameson, son of J. Jonah Jameson, leaves on a one-man space mission to Counter-Earth. However, both Venom and Carnage board the ship. Contact is lost with Jameson and Spider-Man is blamed by the media and the public. Eventually he is believed to be dead and Peter Parker then travels to Counter-Earth with a whole new suit. Upon arriving Peter finds the High Evolutionary, a human tired of humanity, and Bestials, hybrids of humans and animals, who are the dominant species. Jameson has teamed up with a revolutionary group of humans who are tired of being second class citizens. Jameson refuses to return to Earth until the High Evolutionary is overthrown. Until Jameson's cause is won Peter must try his best to blend into the society along with defeating Bestial versions of Spider-Man's rogue gallery along with Venom and Carnage.


Although meant as a sequel to Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited changed some continuity.

The most obvious example is the origin of Carnage. In Spider-Man Mordo and Dormammu return the Venom Symbiote and the Carnage spawn to Earth. When Eddie Brock rebonds with the Venom symbiote fellow prisoner Cletus Kasady is given the Carnage spawn. In Spider-Man Unlimited Spider-Man didn't separate the symbiote and Brock and Venom was held by S.H.I.E.L.D. along with Kasady, who was later given the Carnage symbiote. There is no mention of Mordo or Dormammu. The symbiotes' powers also seem to be radically changed. They are able to radically alter their body composition, shape, and altering their body's format. Spider-Man notes this in the first episode but there is no explanation.

Also of note, in Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson, Venom, and Carnage are lost in other dimensions yet there is no mention of these events or their resolutions.

The series starts off with Peter Parker and Mary Jane married, implying though not directly stating that Madame Web reunited the two, he revealed his identity, and the two got married.


Actor Role(s)
Rino Romano Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Green Goblin/Hector Jones
Michael Donovan Carnage
Brian Drummond Venom/Eddie Brock
Christopher Gaze Bromley
Ron Halder Sir Ram
Jennifer Hale Lady Vermin
Mary Jane Watson
Kimberly Hawthorne Karen O'Malley
Rhys Huber Shane Yamada-Jones
Scott McNeil Vulture
Akiko Morison Naoko Yamada-Jones
Richard Newman High Evolutionary
J. Jonah Jameson
John Payne II John Jameson
Tasha Simms Lady Ursa
David Sobolov Lord Tyger
Dale Wilson Machine Men
Jim Byrnes Fire Drake
Garry Chalk Meugniot
Paul Dobson The Hunter
Mark Gibbon Nick Fury

Jennifer Hale previously voiced Spider-Man's love interest Black Cat/Felica Hardy.


The series lasted thirteen episodes and, like Silver Surfer, ended on a cliffhanger.


Fans of Spider-Man and of the Spider-Man comics in general were disappointed. They felt that the show tried to be closer to the comic books but became bogged down with being on an alien planet. On a positive note, many noted that the visuals were very appealing.

The show was vastly overshadowed by the anime Pokémon, which began airing at the same time and garnered far higher ratings. Although the season one ended on a cliffhanger and several scripts were written for a second, the series was not picked up for further episodes.

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