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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (TV Series)

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This article is written from the Real World perspective Stan Lee
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Beginning date September 12, 1981
End date September 10, 1983
Number of Episodes 24
Original Channel NBC
Previous Series Spider-Man (1981)
Next Series The Incredible Hulk (1982)

Spider-Man teams up with Firestar and Iceman to fight the forces of evil.


Firestar was created specifically for the series. She has since been adapted into the comics.


Although airing concurrently with Spider-Man (1981) this was seen as a sequel to the other series. Both series used the same animation studio using the same style. Green Goblin appeared in both and both series had him transform into the goblin rather than wear a costume as the comics did.

Cementing a tie, this series' episode "The Prison Plot" used footage from "When Magneto Speaks...People Listen" as a flashback. These are the only series outside of the MAU to be so clearly connected.

In the episode "A Fire-Star Is Born" Wolverine speaks with an Australian accent. Though unrelated to the series this change was carried over to the character in "Pryde of the X-Men".


In the 2009 video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 if the player chooses the Anti-Registration side you can talk to Firestar and ask how she feels teaming up with her old buddies Spider-Man and Iceman again, a reference to this series.


The series lasted twenty-four episodes over three seasons. It aired concurrently with The Incredible Hulk (1982) and was sometimes called The Incredible Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Man.


In January 2009, IGN dubbed this series the 59th best animated television series. It beat Spider-Man at 84. The Spectacular Spider-Man and X-Men are the only two Marvel series to beat this series at 30 and 13, respectively. [1]

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