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A list of episodes from the first season of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.


# Title Production Code
1 "The Triumph of the Green Goblin" 6001
2 "The Crime of All Centuries" 6002
3 "The Fantastic Mr. Frump" 6003
4 "Sunfire" 6004
5 "Swarm" 6005
6 "7 Little Superheroes" 6006
7 "Videoman" 6007
8 "The Prison Plot" 6008
9 "Spidey Goes Hollywood" 6009
10 "The Vengeance of Loki" 6010
11 "Knights and Demons" 6011
12 "Pawns of the Kingpin" 6012
13 "The Quest of the Red Skull" 6013

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