Stepford Cuckoos
Stepford (W&TXM)
Members Celeste Cuckoo
Esme Cuckoo
Irma Cuckoo
Phoebe Cuckoo
Sophie Cuckoo
Stepford Cuckoos is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

The Stepford Cuckoos are a group of identical quintuplets who are mutants and members of the Inner Circle Club. The group is comprised of Celeste Cuckoo, Esme Cuckoo, Irma Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo, and Sophie Cuckoo though because of their identical looks they are difficult to tell apart.


They joined the Inner Circle Club with the hope of controlling the Phoenix Force. They eventually got it and began destroying the world. However, Emma Frost took the Phoenix into herself and died seemingly taking the Phoenix with her.

Alternate VersionEdit

In a dystopian future, the Cuckoos were successful in destroying most of the world. However, Sentinels took over the world exterminating most mutants.


All of the Cuckoos were voiced by Tara Strong.

In the Marvel ComicsEdit

They are all clones of Emma Frost. They were created by the Weapon X program.

They have no affiliation with the Inner Circle/Hellfire Club.

Esme and Sophie died.

They joined the X-Men.

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