Alternate Identity Stilt-Man
Powers and Abilities Mechanical Stilts

Stilt-Man is a thief who uses large technological stilts.


Physical Therapy
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Little is known about Stilt-Man.

At some point he acquired technology that was stolen from Stark Enterprises. He used them to build stilts so he could rob a skyscraper. Iron Man appeared and destroyed the stilts and armor.


Stilt-Man was voiced by Dorian Harewood.

So far, the only version of the character.

In the ComicsEdit

Real name is Wilbur Day.

Hired Matt Murdock to sue the company he worked for as part of a ruse to fool people into thinking he was not Stilt-Man.

Is often a foe to Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Had his armor stolen by a man who went to Kingpin seeking work. Fisk claimed the man was an idiot despite the armor.

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