Storm XME
Real Name Ororo Munroe
Alternate Identity Storm
Powers and Abilities Weather control
Team Affiliations X-Men
Horsemen of Apocalypse
Allies Brotherhood of Mutants
Family and Friends Vivian Munroe-Daniels (Sister)
Mr. Daniels (Brother-in-Law)
Spyke (Nephew)
Storm is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Ororo Munroe, who uses the codename Storm, is a mutant, member of the X-Men, and a teacher at Charles Xavier's school for mutants.


Ororo Munroe was an orphan in Africa. She was found and recruited by Professor Xavier into his X-Men and to be a teacher at his school. She found that her nephew Spyke was a mutant and tried to confront him over his powers.

New recruitsEdit

In her time with the X-Men, Xavier chose to recruit youngsters onto the team. She went with Xavier to a subway tunnel to find Kurt Wagner, whom they brought back to the Xavier Mansion. She and Xavier showed him around and gave him a device, capable of projecting him as a normal-looking person, causing Nightcrawler to exclaim that he was normal again. Storm however, asserted that he was already normal. Later that day, Toad came to the Xavier Institute and was attacked by Storm, whom under the orders of Xavier was scheduled to give the young man an entry exam. After Toad made his way into the Xavier Mansion, Storm asserted to Xavier that she believed that even his good heart made him blind sometimes. Toad chose to leave the Xavier Mansion, which prompted Nightcrawler to believe that he was not worthy of joining the team himself as he reasoned that he should quit. Luckily, Cyclops convinced him to join.

She and Wolverine held a training demonstration for the students, of which was subject to some flirty banter between the two. She was not able to stop Wolverine from getting past the automated defenses, but succeeded in being able to stop him herself using an ice beam on him. The demonstration was ended by Charles telepathically, as the group had some financial issues at the time. Once Scott tried to figure out why they were even having the exercise, Storm explained the point to him and also debunked Wolverine's suggestions for some more dangerous ways to stop anyone from getting inside the mansion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Storm can alter the weather, which she can use to fly.



Evan DanielsEdit

Evan Daniels is her nephew. They seem to have a good relationship.


Storm was voiced by Kirsten Williamson.

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