Members Red Ghost
Super-Apes are from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Super-Apes are a team of supervillains consisting of apes with super powers lead by Red Ghost.


  • Red Ghost- Leader of the group with the power of intagability
  • Miklho- A Gorilla with the power of super-strength
  • Peotor- A Orangutan with the power of magnitism
  • Igor- A Baboon with the power of weapon shape-shifting


At some point the Super-Apes were imprisoned in the Big House. When Loki caused all the prisons to power down they escaped fighting the Ultron drones.

They then tried to infiltrate the Baxter Building after receiving coordinates from a mysterious person. However, they were defeated by the Avengers members Black Panther and Hulk. While on their way to the next prison, their Quinjet exploded and Hulk carried them to safety.

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