Alternate Identity Swordsman
Powers and Abilities Expert Swordsman
Team Affiliations Circus of Crime
Allies Zodiac
Family and Friends Hawkeye

Swordsman is a member of the Circus of Crime. It was there he became a mentor to Hawkeye.


At some unknown point, Swordsman joined the Circus of Crime. It was there he met Clint Barton. Seeing the boy's potential, he mentored Clint into an expert marksman. He tried to use Clint's abilities for criminal acts but was arrested.

Years later, he found that Clint was the superhero Hawkeye and part of the Avengers. However, he quit the team and returned to the circus as an archer.

Clint discovered that Swordsman was using the circus and Ringmaster as a cover for his criminal acts and fought him. Swordsman set a bomb and escaped while it was being disarmed by Hawkeye and Ant-Man.

He then delivered a bacteria strain to Zodiac. However, because Swordsman failed to deliver the bombs to them, the leader of the Zodiac, Taurus, had Swordsman killed.


Swordsman was voiced by Paul Essiembre.

Second and so far last version of the character.

In the ComicsEdit

Fought Captain America.

Was used by Mandarin to fight Iron Man.

Joined the Avengers as a double agent, though became loyal to the team. Left when they mistakingly thought he was setting a bomb rather than dismantling it.

Had a crush on Scarlet Witch.

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