Swordsman msh
Alternate Identity Swordsman
Powers and Abilities Expert Swordsman
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Mandarin
Family and Friends Hawkeye

Swordsman is a supervillain and former mentor to Hawkeye.


Swordsman tries to force the Avengers to accept him by defeating Quicksilver, but he is defeated by Scarlet Witch.

Later, he ambushes and captures Captain America and tries to force the Avengers to make him their leader for Cap's life, but Quicksilver saves his leader and the Avengers are about to defeat Swordsman when Mandarin teleports him away.

Swordsman trains Hawkeye msh

Then Hawkeye notices that Sworsman is the same men who trained him in the circus, but they took separate ways when Swordsman turned out to be robbing the circus money.

Mandarin adds technological devices to Swordsman's sword and uses a projected image of Iron Man to make the Avengers believe that the Armored Avenger vouches for Swordsman to join the team. Mandarin orders the now Avenger Swordsman to put a bomb in the Avengers Mansion, but he protests that he cannot become the leader of dead Avengers, doesn't want the beautiful Scarlet Witch to die, and is opossed to merciless murder in general, so he tries to deactivate but the Avengers arrive and think he must be setting it. After fighting the Avengers, Swordsman escapes, but later returns to explain himself and leave until he feels himself really worthy to be an Avenger.


Swordsman was voiced by Edward McNamara.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the ComicsEdit

Swordsman didn't return to explain his actions and remained a villain for a while.

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