Symbiote Spore
Symbiote Spore
A spore in its bug form
Real Name Spore
Powers and Abilities Controls Others
Team Affiliations Synobtic

A symbiote spore is a small symbiote that can infect and control others. Unlike symbiotes like Venom and Carnage, the spores do not merge with their hosts but instead control them as mindless drones. As with all other symbiotes, they can transform into a liquid-like form but often become bug-like creatures.


The true origin of the spores is unknown. They boarded meteors and flew through space. Several meteorites landed onto Counter-Earth where they infected the dinosaurs. They controlled the creatures through a hive-mind but the cataclysm caused by an asteroid killed the dinosaurs forcing the spores underground. They merged into one enormous bio-mass and lay dormant. Eventually they were found by the symbiotes, who had merged with humans, Venom and Carnage who sought to control the planet under the Synobtic. The two used spores to control the humans and bestials on the planet. They were constantly fought by the Human Resistance, Spider-Man, Knights of Wundagore, and High Evolutionary.


The spores are original to the series.

The spores are similar to the Yeerks from the Animorphs series.