Real Name Cheyenne
Alternate Identity Talon
Powers and Abilities Martial Arts, Various Technology
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Harry Osborn (Boyfriend)
Talon is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Cheyenne is a high-level thief using the name Talon.


Physical Therapy
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Little is known about Cheyenne.

She became a thief using various high-tech devices. She eventually encountered the superhero Spider-Man. Though he tried to capture her, she got away.

She met Harry Osborn and the two fell in love, eventually sleeping together. She then met his friends Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. She got along with MJ but Peter seemed distant.

When trying to steal a trophy, she became overwhelmed with resistance. Spider-Man helped her but revealed that he knew her alternate identity.

Knowing that her cover was blown, she fled town. She called Harry giving him no explanation as to why she was leaving, only that she didn't know if she was ever going to return. She was not seen by Spider-Man, Harry, Peter, or Mary Jane again.


Talon was voiced by Eve. The trophy she tried to steal was a music award, which Eve had been nominated for but not yet won.

Many original characters on the series were inspired by other comic book characters. Talon was based on Black Cat.

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