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This article is written from the Real World perspective Stan Lee

A list of episodes from the only season of The Avengers: United They Stand.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
1 "Avengers Assemble, Part One" October 30, 1999 101
2 "Avengers Assemble, Part Two" Michael Edens November 6, 1999 102
3 "Kang" Brooks Wachtel November 13, 1999 105
4 "Comes a Swordman" John Loy November 27, 1999 106
5 "Remnants" Michael Edens December 4, 1999 107
6 "Command Decision" Len Wein December 11, 1999 103
7 "To Rule Atlantis" Len Uhley December 18, 1999 109
8 "Shooting Stars" January 22, 2000 108
9 "What a Vision Has to Do" January 29, 2000 110
10 "Egg-streme Vengeance" February 5, 2000 104
11 "The Sorceress' Apprentice" February 12, 2000 111
12 "Earth and Fire, Part One" February 19, 2000 112
13 "Earth and Fire, Part Two" February 26, 2000 113


A group of superheroes would form the Avengers when Ultron creates Vision to destroy Ant-Man. Vision would be reprogrammed and join the team. The team would face other enemies such as Kang the Conqueror, the Masters of Evil, the Swordsman, Zodiac, and even the Grim Reaper. They would fight alongside other heroes such as Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Iron Man.

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