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The Marvel Action Hour, also known as The Marvel Action Universe, was a syndicated programming block. It contained Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Biker Mice from Mars. The block debuted in 1994 with Fantastic Four and Iron Man, Biker Mice having debuted the previous year, and lasted for two seasons ending with the end of all three series.


The first half of the block was given to Iron Man with Fantastic Four following. During the first season, Stan Lee provided introductions for the episodes.

When the block aired in the United Kingdom the series had to undergo modifications because the BBC did not use commercial breaks. As such, the block only lasted forty minutes. To make up the time, the hour also featured episodes of The Incredible Hulk while also dropping the Lee introductions.

During the second season when both Marvel shows underwent a massive reworking, the Lee introductions were shortened. The block was renamed the Marvel Action Universe, unrelated to the programming block from the 1980s using the same name. It was also during this time that Biker Mice was added extending the block to ninety minutes.

The block used an introductory theme using popular Marvel characters, both from the series as well as the more popular characters from the comics. This opening happens to feature the only animated appearance in the 1990s of Captain Marvel and Black Widow.

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