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A list of episodes from the second and final season of The Super Hero Squad Show. This season contains the six-part Six Against Infinity Saga.


Script # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
27 "Another Order of Evil, Part One!" Michael R. Gerard Matt Wayne October 23, 2010 201
28 "Another Order of Evil, Part Two!" Patty Shinagawa Matt Wayne October 23, 2010 202
29 "World War Witch!" Michael R. Gerard Nicole Dubuc October 30, 2010 205
30 "Villainy Redux Syndrome!" Patty Shinagawa Mark Hoffmeier November 6, 2010 204
31 "Support Your Local Sky-Father!" Patty Shinagawa Eugene Son November 13, 2010 203
32 "Whom Continuity Would Destroy!" Michael R. Gerard Matt Wayne
Stan Berkowitz
November 20, 2010 206
33 "Double Negation at the World's End!" Patty Shinagawa Eugene Son November 27, 2010 207
34 "Alienating with the Surfer!" Michael R. Gerard Mark Hoffmeier January 8, 2011 208
35 "Blind Rage Knows No Color!" Michael R. Gerard Jim Kreig January 15, 2011 209
36 "Lo, How the Mighty Hath Abdicated!" Patty Shinagawa Charlotte Fullerton January 22, 2011 210
37 "So Pretty When They Explode!" Michael R. Gerard Len Wein January 29, 2011 211
38 "Too Many Wolverines!" Patty Shinagawa Eugene Son February 5, 2011 212
39 "Pedicure and Facial of Doom!" Patty Shinagawa Richard Pursel February 12, 2011 213
40 "Fate of Destiny!" Michael R. Gerard Matt Wayne
Stan Berkowitz
February 19, 2011 214
41 "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill!" Patty Shinagawa Nicole Dubuc July 23, 2011 215
42 "Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past!" Michael R. Gerard Eugene Son July 23, 2011 216
43 "This Man-Thing, This Monster!" Patty Shinagawa John Rozum October 3, 2011 217
44 "The Devil Dinosaur You Say!" Michael R. Gerard Eugene Son October 4, 2011 218
45 "Planet Hulk!" Patty Shinagawa Jimmy Palmiotti October 5, 2011 219
46 "1602!" Michael R. Gerard Eugene Son October 6, 2011 220
47 "Brouhaha at the World's Bottom!" Patty Shinagawa Stan Berkowitz October 7, 2011 221
48 "Missing: Impossible!" Michael R. Gerard Tom Kenny
Eugene Son
October 10, 2011 222
49 "Revenge of the Baby Sat!" Patty Shinagawa Eugene Son October 11, 2011 223
50 "Soul Stone Picnic!" Michael R. Gerard Charlotte Fullerton October 12, 2011 224
51 "When Strikes the Surfer!" Stan Berkowitz Patty Shinagawa October 13, 2011 225
52 "The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)" Michael R. Gerard Nicole Dubuc October 14, 2011 226


The Super Hero Squad find that the Infinity Sword can only be wielded by the one with the Infinity Gauntlet, so the Squad searches for the Infinity Gems. Scarlet Witch replaces Silver Surfer as the cosmic wave rider has gone off with his former master Galactus and the other heralds. The squad must contend with Thanos who wants supremacy over the universe. However, the Surfer becomes corrupted by the Infinity Sword and becomes the villainous Dark Surfer.

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