Real Name Greer Grant
Alternate Identity Tigra
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Agility and Strength
Tiger-Like Appearance
Team Affiliations Avengers

Greer Grant, also known as Tigra, is a member of the Avengers.


Greer was an athlete. Wanting a competitive edge, she went through genetic treatment. However, the process turned her into a tiger-like creature. She then used her abilities to become a superhero under the name Tigra. She joined the Avengers and developed a close relationship with teammate Falcon. She suffers from a fear of water.


Tigra was voiced by Lenore Zann, who also voiced Rogue on X-Men.

Her fear of water was original to the series. It's a play on the fact that tigers are one of the few cats to swim.

So far, the only animated version of the character.

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