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Real Name Lonnie Lincoln
Alternate Identity Tombstone
Powers and Abilities Hardened Skin
Incredible Strength
Doesn't Breath
Allies Silvermane
Alisha Silvermane
Randy Robertson
Richard Fisk
Family and Friends Joseph Robertson
You may be looking for the episode "Tombstone".

Lonnie Lincoln, also known as Tombstone, is a supervillain hitman.


He briefly worked for Silvermane. Tombstone was a childhood friend with Robbie Robertson before he was sent to Juvenile Hall for robbery. After setting Robbie up at a chemical plant, he slipped into a vat of acid and his skin was bleached chalk white and his strength was greatly increased.

He later tried to blackmail Robbie into killing a story that exposed his boss, Alisha Silvermane as a crime lord with by turning his son into a gang member. After Spider-Man defeated Tombstone, he was later sent to Ryker's Island, where he and Richard Fisk tried to frame Robbie. Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson later proved Robbie's innocence and Tombstone was left to rot in jail.


Tombstone was voiced by Dorian Harewood.

First version of the character outside the comics.

His backstory for the series may be inspired by the 1989 Batman film. That film, like the episode "Tombstone", featured the hero failing to save a common criminal from falling into acid thus turning him into an albino supervillain.

In the Comics

Lonnie is an albino who was picked on. He eventually became a bully and began lifting weights and filing his teeth down to look like a vampire. He then became a hitman under the name Tombstone. He has no inherent powers.

While a school bully, Joseph Robertson was going to write about Lonnie's activities when he bullied him into stopping.

Was a hitman for Kingpin.

Joseph witnessed Tombstone killing one of his sources. Lonnie threatened the reporter into silence.

Was sent to prison in Philadelphia. When Joseph was arrested for suppression of evidence, Lonnie arranged a transfer to his prison. He killed Joseph's bodyguard and the two escaped. Eventually Joseph was granted a pardon for helping to recapture Tombstone.

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