Twin Towers
Twin Towers
Real Name One World Trade Center
Two World Trade Center
Alternate Identity Twin Towers
Team Affiliations New York City
World Trade Center
Family and Friends Chrysler Building
Baxter Building
Four Freedoms Plaza

The Twin Towers, known separately as One World Trade Center and Two World Trade Center, are the two tallest buildings in New York City. They are part of a group of buildings known as the World Trade Center.


The Twin Towers above the Chrysler Building, Baxter Building, and Four Freedoms Plaza.

WTC Bombed Garage

At one point, terrorists placed a bomb in the building attempting to blow it up. However, they were unsuccessful.

When Spider-Man became Man Spider he kidnapped Punisher and took him to a "nest" in the garage that was damaged by the bomb. Kraven the Hunter managed to smell bomb residue in Man Spider's webbing and tracked him to the garage. He found Punisher and the two attacked Man Spider. They then used a serum developed by Mariah Crawford to return the webslinger to his normal self.

The Skrulls made a video game to give to the Fantastic Four. In it, Skrull ships destroy the Twin Towers.


The bombing was a real attack that happened on February 26, 1993, two years before the airing of "Duel of the Hunters", to the real World Trade Center. The intention was to have Tower One collapse into Tower Two destroying them both.

Twin Towers Collapse

On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijaked airplanes, flew two into the Twin Towers destroying them, and murdering about three thousand people. Out of respect for those killed, Kraven's explanation in "Duel of the Hunters" was removed and it was changed to simply an anonymous garage. Though it creates confusion as to how Kraven was able to track Man Spider. It is a sad coincidence that the destruction of the towers in "Incursion of the Skrulls" mirrors what actually happened.

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